Methane mitigation

Breakthrough Climate Solutions

At CH4 Global, we prioritize making the biggest climate impact, the soonest.
Today, that means...


Our Approach

We’re experts at leveraging scientific discovery to develop and advance market-disrupting commercial solutions. At each step, we collaborate with select partners for maximum climate impact.

Targeting GHG Industry Problem Areas
Our current focus is a climate turnaround in agriculture, the largest single-sector source of global methane and a major contributor to climate change.

Sustainable solutions that scale globally

CH4 Global understands what is required to create a viable solution that doesn't depend on government subsidies. The answer is solutions whose cost is carefully balanced to work for all parties – CH4 Global, food producers, and farmers – while ensuring quality and efficacy are frontand center. By aligning economic viability with environmental responsibility, we have developed a sustainable production model that can scale globally and make a lasting impact on our planet's future.

Solving food and agriculture’s methane conundrum...

On the one hand, global demand for meat and dairy products is on a growth path. Ruminants currently produce around 30% of global methane emissions, but growth in animal production means increased emissions of enteric methane—methane that ruminants like cattle, sheep, and goats belch as a normal part of their digestion.
On the other hand, governments and business leaders must reduce methane emissions to meet climate commitments, and consumers increasingly seek to climate-friendly foods.
Farmers and food producers are in a tough spot. Already looking for cost-effective ways to operate more sustainably, they get no help from carbon taxes.

Enter Methane Tamer™

Making low-methane animal production a reality

Methane Tamer is a line of animal feed supplement formulations based on Asparagopsis seaweed, which is the most effective natural substance for reducing enteric methane. In fact, Methane Tamer is guaranteed to deliver a minimum 70% reduction in enteric emissions throughout its shelf life, and can deliver up to 90%.


Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot is our targeted formulation designed specifically for beef and dairy cattle in feedlot operations.

Low-methane beef and dairy are now a reality!

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Methane Tamer targeted formulations for other ruminants coming soon


Grazing Cattle [dairy]


Grazing Cattle





A win across the value chain...

Methane Tamer benefits everyone in the food system.


  • Meet climate targets faster
  • Enable a sustainable food system
  • Support farmers and food businesses
Farmers & Food Producers

  • Slash methane in your operations
  • Offer premium, low-carbon products
  • Comply with climate regulations in carbon-restricted markets


  • Meet climate targets faster
  • Offer partners more sustainable options
Food Industry Leaders

  • Meet climate targets faster
  • Slash methane emissions in your supply chain
  • Meet consumer expectations
  • Offer retailers and consumers more sustainable options

The amazing properties of Asparagopsis

Enteric Fermentation Process with Asparagopsis

A key ingredient in Methane Tamer formulations is Asparagopsis. Natural compounds in this seaweed prevent methane gas from being formed during the digestive process of ruminant animals, a fact first demonstrated by researchers in Australia.

Asparagopsis has been shown to reduce enteric methane emissions by up to 90% in beef and dairy cattle as well as sheep, with no adverse effects to livestock, their products, or the environment.

Besides reducing methane, Asparagopsis also has been shown to have additional benefits, such as reduced loss of feed energy to enteric fermentation.

Looking for more of the science behind Methane Tamer?

From seaweed
to GLOBAL climate solution

Asparagopsis illustration

Quality matters

Not all Asparagopsis is created equal. Only seaweed grown, harvested, and processed to our exacting standards can be guaranteed to provide the benefits of Methane Tamer.

More than seaweed

One size doesn’t fit all. Like our feedlot formulation, Methane Tamer formulations are targeted by type of animal and producer operation, for enhanced efficacy, palatability, and usability.

Produced sustainably

We strive to produce Methane Tamer with minimal environmental impact, implementing the CH4 Global EcoPark model to meet global demand through our regional operations.

Scaled up for impact

As we grow Methane Tamer operations, we do so with climate-committed partners that are leaders in their fields, from digitalization to sustainable aquaculture to ingredient processing.

Backed by third party carbon credentials

We’re developing a carbon credit program and verification process with a leading carbon registry so we can pass along the benefits of proven methane reduction.