Meeting at the Critical Intersection of Farming, Climate Change, and Sustainable Solutions

By @ CH4 Global
December 20, 2023

Unless you plant, grow, and harvest your own food, you likely underestimate the effort involved – and importance of – farming, the occupation spanning multiple millennia. Largely working unseen around the planet, farmers are the linchpin in humanity’s health and survival.

Yet, these days, they are under threat from many angles. In addition to rising production costs amidst a volatile economy, farmers worldwide are contending with multiple challenges posed by our world’s climate crisis.

Documentaries Inspire New Thinking About Sustainable Farming

To bring these challenges to life, the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) – representing more than 1.2 billion farmers worldwide – in collaboration with Zinc Media has produced a series of short films called "The Future of Food”. By shining a spotlight on farming around the world, these films both educate and inspire.

Grounded in real-world, personal stories, the documentaries show how farmers are embracing new solutions that enable them to transition to more sustainable, climate-resilient, and nature-positive farming practices. CH4 Global is proud to be featured in one of the documentaries – alongside Heath Tiller of feedlot partner HB Rural, an agricultural cooperative in Australia – that showcases our breakthrough Methane Tamer™ solution enabling farmers to evolve their practices sustainably.

Why Enteric Methane Emissions Matter

Specifically, our solution helps reduce the methane emissions from cows – and reducing methane is the fastest way to slow global warming in the near term. This reduction is essential to the world’s food security.

The 1.5 billion cows worldwide produce over 150 million tons of methane annually, making cows the largest single source of methane globally. And methane is 80 times more impactful than CO2 on global warming over the next 20 years, per the UN. The CO2 equivalent of more than 12 billion tons each year, 150 million tons of methane is a greater annual GHG output than we see from the US, the EU, and India combined.

Gain Insights Into What It Takes to Meaningfully Fight Climate Change

We encourage you to watch the documentary featuring CH4 Global, along with the other documentaries providing a deep view into new technologies and new thinking that are shaping the future of farming. For more information and to view the series, please visit the World Farmers’ Organization site.

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