Fight Climate Change by Taking Inspiration from a Solar-Powered Butterfly

By @ CH4 Global
October 4, 2023

Let Louis Palmer inspire you to think differently

Many people around the world want to do something to help solve climate change but often feel overwhelmed – or like their singular action won’t amount to much. If that describes you, let Louis Palmer inspire you to think differently.

A world tour powered by solar

After being the first person to circumnavigate the world in a solar-powered car in 2007, he got creative during the pandemic and came up with the idea for a “Solar Butterfly.” Built in collaboration with the engineering department at the University of Lucerne, this is actually a 226 square-foot solar-powered trailer topped by a set of 80-square-meter, solar panel-covered “wings.” Those wings power the Tesla Model X towing the trailer, which is built with a lightweight foam-like material made from recycled ocean plastic.

Designed to sleep four people, the trailer features a small kitchen, toilet and shower, and a flexible space that serves as a bedroom, conference room and studio. Other eco-friendly features include rainwater harvesting and purification, a solar-heated water system, and fabrics and bedding made from biodegradable textiles.

Raising awareness of existing solutions to climate change

Between June 2022 and December 2025, the SolarButterly is traveling the world – largely paid by crowdsourcing – to discover and showcase innovative solutions to the world’s climate change problem. With plans to visit more than 1,000 projects in 4 years on 6 continents, this outsized, solar-powered butterfly serves as a role model for unique approaches to sustainable living. Its round-the-world trip is planned to end in Paris on December 12, 2025, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Along the way, the SolarButterfly is reminding everyone that it is possible to save the planet with solutions that exist today.

With our own mission to make a radical impact on climate change now, this is a project that resonates strongly with us. And clearly the SolarButterfly thinks the same of our work to reduce global methane emissions from ruminant animals like cattle. Check out the interview with our CEO Steve as part of the daily travel videos being posted by the SolarButterfly group! And then take whatever steps you can to positively impact the health of our planet.

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