Cirpro Partner Spotlight Roger

Partner Spotlight – CirPro founder and CEO Reg Smyth

Reg Smyth is the founder and CEO of CirPro, one of the earliest partners to recognise the importance of CH4 Global and its aim of having a meaningful impact on climate change globally, at scale.

Forward-thinking, Reg is focused on transforming traditional views and practices associated with livestock and processing. 

He has a vision to realise a zero-waste and zero-carbon process that increases resilience of primary producers and enables maximum valorisation for all livestock by shifting the volume of material suitable for human and medical use from less than 55% today to more than 95% - which is where his connection to CH4 Global developed.

Reg connected to CH4 Global in January 2020, wanting to reduce methane emissions from the cows to be processed at CirPro (then Pirie Meats) and add value to the processing chain.

It was a journey for Reg to get to meat processing, starting his career a long way from the dusty paddocks on the edge of the Southern Flinders Ranges where he worked on a sheep and cattle station with his cousin.

He spent 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy and Fleet Air Arm. With a strategic and innovative bent, he consulted into multinational firms and governments in Australia, the Middle East and Asia on strategic and enterprise risk and opportunity analysis, food safety, cyber and physical security, biometrics, flight testing and evaluation, along with software solutions development. 

While in the Middle East, he developed an interest in camels, including processing and developing an export industry from Australia. That interest then developed into cattle processing – and the ultimate connection with CH4 Global. 

I just think it’s so exciting, it’s exactly what I want to be doing, it really is changing an industry that’s been stuck in old ways. Now you can understand what the opportunities are in the industry, instead of just basic feeding and processing. Even though I’ve had a career in the Navy and subsequently involved in helicopter flight trials all around the world, this is the exciting thing.
Reg Smyth, CEO, CirPro

Since initially connecting with CH4 Global, Reg has said the relationship has been extremely collaborative, with engagement across Australia, the US and New Zealand on a regular basis. This has enabled CirPro and CH4 Global to gain an understanding about the feedlot industry, how Asparagopsis feed supplements are reducing emissions, the capabilities of each party, and more importantly, it has allowed for the collection of data and comprehensive analysis.
Collaboration is the word which underpins the relationship. It’s not just a customer relationship, it has been a collaboration since day one in a new science and how that’s going to work. We understand the timelines – no-one’s over selling or over-estimating the timelines and we understand this is an emerging industry, and we’re at the forefront of it together.
Reg Smyth, CEO, CirPro

For CirPro, an “open gate” policy has underpinned the partnership, where feedback is shared and learnings gained. Evidence-based data has provided traceability and confidence, which Reg has been able to use when discussing its merits with other industry stakeholders.