CH4 Global Appoints Chief of Staff to Strengthen Process and Accelerate Speed of Company Growth

Tina Sparks, new CoS, brings more than twenty-two years’ experience in facilitating and streamlining operational efficiency and processes that maximize time and alignment of leadership teams.

Henderson, Nevada – October 17, 2022 – CH4 Global, Inc., today announced the appointment of the new Chief of Staff, Tina Sparks who will play a critical role in achieving the company’s ambitious growth plans and fulfilling its urgent mission to impact climate change at scale.

CH4 Global CEO Steve Meller noted this appointment will serve to optimize efficiency in support of the company’s path to globalization. “The board and the entire senior leadership team are delighted to have Tina join us at CH4 Global. This addition to the team significantly enhances our capacity for rapid expansion and to meet our gigatonne scale methane reduction commitment.” – Steve Meller, Founder and CEO, CH4 Global, Inc.

Tina Sparks has the mandate to assist the executive team to excel the operational vision, with the goal of ensuring the company’s processes are well-defined, documented, and scalable to facilitate rapid growth.  Prior to joining CH4 Global, Tina was a senior leader of Business Operations and Analytics, at the J.M. Smucker Company where she helped guide the company’s supply chain solutions. Tina will report directly to the CEO, Steve Meller, to systematize and optimize core processes with internal and external stakeholders, spearhead special projects, and drive the development of new business strategies.

Tina Sparks commented,

“I’m excited to join the company at this stage and work alongside such a skilled, seasoned, and knowledgeable leadership team. Being part of a company with a team that is as passionate as I am about making a positive impact on climate change, while helping grow an industry that benefits everyone, is the perfect scenario.”

About CH4 Global

CH4 Global, Inc., founded in 2018, is on an urgent mission to positively impact climate change worldwide. With expertise in turning ambitious ideas into successful, fit-for-purpose products, CH4 Global enables customers to radically reduce methane emissions in support of the 2-degree Celsius target. Its first line of methane-reducing cattle feed additives is derived from Asparagopsis Seaweed, for large beef and dairy producers, which, even if adopted for only 10% of cattle, would deliver more climate benefit than decommissioning 50-100 million fossil-fueled cars. CH4 Global is headquartered in Henderson, NV, with subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about CH4 Global and our recent news.

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