CH4 Aotearoa opens Auckland office and expands team after announcing further investment led by Sir Stephen Tindall 

AUCKLAND, NZ - DECEMBER 20, 2021 - CH4 Aotearoa, part of CH4 Global, has announced a significant scaling of its R&D operations, the opening of an Auckland office, and the expansion of its team with 6 new hires.

The news comes as the company announces an additional US$500,000 investment by Sir Stephen Tindall, founder of the Warehouse Group. The New Zealand investment forms part[RP1]  of the recent successful Series A US$13 million investment round, led by DCVC and DCVC Bio.

The investment by Sir Stephen Tindall is a major milestone for the company in New Zealand and underlines the potential of CH4 to play a significant role in delivering the solutions to New Zealand’s burgeoning methane emissions challenge. Having founded the Warehouse Group, Mr Tindall oversaw the growth of the company to 251 stores nationally and an annual revenue of over NZ$1.7 billion. His investment and expertise will help further accelerate CH4’s growth in New Zealand.

CH4 is a pioneer in utilising red seaweed (Asparagopsis) to drastically reduce methane emissions from ruminant animals such as cows, cattle and sheep. When added to feedstock, CH4’s asparagopsis supplement reduces ruminant methane emissions by up to 90%. Ruminants are the largest single source of anthropogenic methane emissions in the world. In New Zealand, agricultural methane emissions are by far the biggest factor driving the country’s carbon footprint – over five times higher than transport over the next 20 years. At the recent COP26 Summit, New Zealand pledged to contribute to a 30% global reduction in methane emissions.

Sir Stephen commented:

 “I am backing businesses that I hope will make a major impact on climate change, specifically on achieving a net-zero position by 2050. In New Zealand that goal can only realistically be achieved by addressing agricultural methane emissions.”

“Methane from cows, cattle, and sheep dominate our carbon footprint and solutions to this challenge need to be rapidly scaled up not just to deliver on climate change, but also to ensure that our key meat and dairy products continue to meet the rising sustainability expectations of global export markets. I’m excited to be supporting CH4 Global on this challenge and look forward to working with Nigel and his team.”

 CH4 Aotearoa is at the forefront of addressing this challenge. By the end of Q1 2022, at least 6 asparagopsis pilot farms will be in place in four coastal locations around New Zealand. These pilot sites will build on the company’s established seaweed trial farm in Big Glory Bay, Rakiura Stewart Island, the biggest of its kind in New Zealand. The company will also complete the build of a national seaweed hatchery and nursery and a world leading Asparagopsis R&D Centre to maximise product quality and yields ahead of full commercialisation as early as 2023.

In line with the acceleration of its NZ operations, 6 new personnel have joined the company to help drive expansion. The company is staffing up both in technical roles based at its Northland Marine Research Centre site, and commercial roles based at its new Auckland HQ. The roles include an  Aquaculture Manager and a Strategic Programme Manager in the Auckland Office, and two Aquaculture Research Scientists and two Aquaculture Systems Operators at its Northland site..

Speaking about the expansion, CH4 Aotearoa General Manager, Nigel Little, said:

“Through our collaboration with world-class independent research institutions including NIWA and the University of Otago here in New Zealand, and CSIRO in Australia, we have proved that asparagopsis feedlot supplements work in dramatically cutting agricultural methane emissions.  We are now at an advanced stage of R&D to prove that the cultivation of asparagopsis at scale in New Zealand is possible. The opening of our new Auckland office, the expansion of our team and our R&D infrastructure will enable us to continue scaling our operation and maintaining momentum towards commercialisation.”

“The additional funding led by Sir Stephen Tindall will enable this expansion and his enthusiasm to support our work is also a great testament to the company’s vision and to its potential specifically here in New Zealand.”

About CH4 Global

CH4 Global, Inc., founded in 2018, is on an urgent mission to positively impact climate change worldwide. With expertise in turning ambitious ideas into successful, fit-for-purpose products, CH4 Global enables customers to radically reduce methane emissions in support of the 2-degree Celsius target. Its first line of methane-reducing cattle feed additives is derived from Asparagopsis Seaweed, for large beef and dairy producers, which, even if adopted for only 10% of cattle, would deliver more climate benefit than decommissioning 50-100 million fossil-fueled cars. CH4 Global is headquartered in Henderson, NV, with subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about CH4 Global and our recent news.

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