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We’re going to bend the climate curve while there’s still time. Are you in?

To achieve this mission, we’re working toward goals that are so big, they push the boundaries of the possible. The nature of our business means working at CH4 Global is dynamic and full of fresh challenges.

It’s also rewarding, professionally and personally.

As we expand operations to all habitable continents, we’re adding to our ranks people who are making the most significant contributions of their careers, all to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

People join because of our mission, which hasn't changed since the company was founded. We are here to make a difference for our families, communities and the planet. That keeps us all inspired and united.
Rowena Pullan, Chief Brand Guardian

Doing is believing

Our values aren’t just words. At CH4 Global, what we value is clear in what we do.


There’s still time to make a difference, but no time to waste. With a laser focus, we aren’t distracted by anything that’s not essential to our mission.


Healthy relationships depend on trust: trust in our colleagues and in our partners. We protect that trust as though our lives depend on it, because they do.


We’re realistic with a healthy dose of optimism. We’re not held back by perfectionism, and by knowing the facts, good and bad, we take informed action.


There are no solitary heroes in climate tech. We team with like-minded organizations that are committed and able to make a positive climate impact.

Global impact

We always have the big picture in mind. When we act locally, it’s part of our global plan.


We advance our mission through collaboration that includes a wide variety of perspectives, where people are treated fairly and equitably and feel they belong.


We use technology in new and extraordinary ways. To get the job done well, we also make creative use of what we have, propelling us faster toward our goal. 
Hope is not the guarantee of a better future: it’s the knowledge that our actions matter.

Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist @The Nature Conservancy
author of Saving Us

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Working at CH4 Global is more than a job—it’s a career opportunity with lasting meaning and purpose.

When you join us, you join a global community of talented people united in their focus on positive climate impact. 

Ready to put your skills, knowledge, and experience to full use in helping solve one of the most important challenges of our time?

Get to know us...

Our team is always growing as we expand to meet our ambitious targets. Who are we, and what is it like to work with us?
Find out in our Employee Spotlight articles based on interviews with people we’re fortunate to call colleagues.

It puts a smile on my face to think I’m part of an awesome team influencing climate change now to benefit generations to come.

Sebastian lambert, Operations manager, Australia

I have the opportunity to shape things and stretch myself in many different areas. The team here wants to do things right from the beginning, and I can help by embedding First Nations wisdom into all of our practices.

Tiahni Adamson, lead community engagement officer, Australia

Coming from the world of research, I’m enjoying the fact that there’s a new challenge to tackle every week, which has given me a lot of opportunity for personal development

Javed Khan, Aquaculture Manager

...Employee Spotlight

Urvashi Seth

Head of Accounting
New Zealand

Brent Jackson

Aquaculture Systems Scientist
New Zealand

Shiek MD Moniruzzuman

Lab Supervisor

Claire Winthrop

Research Fellow
United States


Site Manager
New Zealand

Beloved Gono

Lab Supervisor
New Zealand

Leon Meggs

Aquaculture Systems Technician

Kira Jeannetta

Grants Manager
United States

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Aquaculture Systems Operator

Javed Khan

Aquaculture Manager
New Zealand

Tiahni Adamson

Lead Community Engagement Officer