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Driving Sustainable, Resilient Food Production: Join Us in Amsterdam at Animal AgTech

By Stephanie Tilton @ CH4 Global
October 2, 2023

Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, Amsterdam, oct. 10-11, 2023

Having introduced Methane Tamer™ – our revolutionary methane-reducing feed supplement formulation targeted for beef feedlot cattle – this year, we are excited to be joining hundreds of other influential leaders at the 5th Animal AgTech Innovation. Taking place October 10-11, 2023 in Amsterdam, this summit connects innovators in animal health, nutrition, genetics, and welfare to foster greater collaboration and drive the development of sustainable and resilient food production practices. We look forward to meeting with others to discuss transformative ideas and forge meaningful partnerships that accelerate innovation across this sector.

9 minutes with our CEO

Ahead of the Animal AgTech summit, the conference producer, Liam Jensen, spoke to our CEO, Steve Meller, about CH4 Global’s success over the last six months. They also discussed the challenges of government agencies and companies struggling to meet GHG reduction commitments and connecting the supply chain to reduce the methane footprint of animal agriculture. As Steve says, “These aren’t science experiments anymore. We need to turn them into reality in the next 6-7 years, if we are to have a chance of meeting the Paris commitment goals in 2030.” You can hear their entire 9-minute conversation here.

Learn more about enteric emissions reduction

We hope you’ll join our team at the summit and make plans to hear more from Steve on the panel Reaching Scale with Enteric Emissions Reduction at 11am CEST on Wednesday October 11. During this panel discussion moderated by Jane Byrne, Senior Editor of FeedNavigator, France, Steve will be joined by Sanne Griffoen-Roose, Director Sustainable Farming, Frieslandcampina, Netherlands, and Michael Lohuis, VP Research & Innovation, Semex, Canada. All will share their latest thoughts and insights on:

  • How the toolkit for enteric methane reduction is expanding
  • Industry advances and the technologies that will have the great impact in lowering methane production in meat and dairy
  • The most promising technologies when it comes to dietary additives, precision feeding, feed formulation and genetics
  • Results from the use of on-farm methane inhibitors and their success in field trials
  • Where more research is needed to understand how to reduce the methane footprint of animal agriculture
  • How we encourage widescale adoption of methane-reduction practices, including the education and support farmers need and who should pay

And if you’re interested in ‘Overcoming Barriers to Gigaton Impact of GHG Reductions by 2030,’ please join the roundtable of the same title at 12:20pm CEST on Wednesday October 11. Hosted by Chris Rose, our Chief Business Development Officer, this conversation promises to be an interactive deep dive sure to spark lively discussion.

Whether you’re able to meet us in person or via our virtual booth, please stop by and say hello during these two days of insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

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