CH4 Global Subsidiary CH4 Australia Wins SA Climate Leaders Award

Henderson, Nevada – November 22, 2022 – Climate tech company CH4 Global today announced that its subsidiary CH4 Australia has been named an SA Climate Leader for Business and Industry by the Government of South Australia. This award is in recognition of the company’s work to reduce enteric methane emissions in cattle by up to 90% using its Asparagopsis seaweed-based feed supplements.

The award was announced at the Premier’s Climate Change Council 2022 SA Climate Leaders Awards ceremony in Adelaide, where CH4 Australia took top honors in the Business and Industry category despite impressive competition from other climate technology companies.

Minister for Climate, the Environment and Water, Dr. Susan Close, congratulated the winners and acknowledged the applicants for doing vital work to address climate change. A record number of applications were received, highlighting the innovations and initiatives being delivered across South Australia to build on the state’s reputation as a climate change leader.

Council Chair Martin Haese remarked that the judging panel considered the company’s work “to be important for helping South Australia and the world to reduce emissions from a hard-to-abate sector” and “an excellent example of collaboration with First Nations.”

CH4 Australia General Manager Dr. Adam Main was on site to accept the award, and said he is thrilled that CH4 Australia was recognized by the Government of South Australia as a leader in climate change.

“With Asparagopsis having been proven to reduce methane in ruminants by up to 90%, we’re working with feedlot and aquaculture partners to reach wider markets locally and internationally, as we know Asparagopsis can drastically reduce emissions and make a real difference,” Dr. Main said.

At an event in September, CH4 Global partner CirPro, an advanced food and protein manufacturer, served the first low-methane beef in Australia, from cattle fed Asparagopsis-based feed supplements. CH4 Australia continues to break new ground in its end-to-end operations, from Asparagopsis aquaculture to harvesting to processing and final product.

CH4 Global’s methane-reduction roadmap includes a 5-year target of reaching 150 million cattle—10% of the world total—on all six habitable continents, which will prevent the emission of 1 gigaton of CO2 equivalent.

About CH4 Global

CH4 Global™, Inc. is on an urgent mission to positively impact climate change worldwide. With expertise in turning ambitious ideas into successful, fit-for-purpose products, CH4 Global enables customers to radically reduce methane emissions in support of the 2 degrees Celsius target. Its first line of methane-reducing cattle feed additives is derived from Asparagopsis seaweed, for large beef and dairy producers, which, even if adopted for only 10% of cattle, would deliver more climate benefit than decommissioning 50 million fossil-fueled cars. CH4 Global is headquartered in Henderson, NV, with subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand.

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